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        Our new club website at http:// is up and running! 
        Still a work in progress, the website contains corporate and club information available to the public, but first and foremost it’s a website for Club Bali and RBVC members.
       A password is required to enter the special member areas because of the confidential nature of some of the information that it contains. 
       You can easily and instantly obtain a password by completing the on line registration form and submitting it directly to member services.
        Member facilities available from the site include : 

  • Membership status information.

  • Information on how to use your membership. 

  • Current and past newsletter editions. 

  • CB$ (points) schedules & calendars. 

  • Associated resorts and hotel information.

  • Member special holiday offers.

  • Club Rules and Regulations

  • On line reservations a little later on. 

       Please take some time to visit the site and feel free to send us any ideas and suggestions that you feel may help us to achieve our main objective, which is to make the club web-site a useful and important “service to members” facility.


A choreographer’s nightmare maybe ... but learning to Poco Poco at Java Highlands Resort really is great fun.





      Cultural and traditional values are a priority with the Highland View Resort development program and we are giving careful consideration to ensuring that it has a positive impact on the local village and farming families
       The resort will of course provide hospitality related work for local people, but perhaps more importantly it will also complement local agriculture.
       Initiatives being discussed include utilising locally grown produce in cottage style enterprises including jam making. 

       In addition, land leased from the village will continue to be used for farming but it will also provide an agricultural tourism attraction whereby guests may experience traditional farming methods first hand.


So that we can keep you better informed about the many things that are happening in your club, please send your email address to:

Your address will remain strictly confidential and you will receive only good news and information from the club.


Special package to members

For October & November 2002

   Stay one week using CB$ and get a second week for just US$25 or 50 points per week.

Come for the weekend and receive one extra free Night.

Give a one week Guest Certificate valid 3 months to your friends for only US$150.



        Although our club newsletter is a little shy of being a giant in the world of media publications, it still takes a fair amount of time and effort to put together on a regular basis.
       Distribution to members all over the world can also be a challenge. Mail systems are not always reliable and with around 4,000 members it can get to be a little expensive. 
      The club can reduce those costs by utilizing the internet and email! As a means of communication it’s quicker, cheaper and more efficient, so if you are connected to the internet PLEASE send us your email address and help your club save on distribution costs by having your future editions delivered to your computer.
       If we receive your address by the 15th November, together with a note that you would prefer to receive future club communications by email, we will add a bonus of CB$100 to your next Club Bali use year entitlement. 


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